Roland Yakovlevich Isaev

A Slander Attempt: Roland Isaev

Isaev Roland, also known as Isaev Roland Yakovlevich, is a Russian businessman of a great scale. His financial activities cover an incredible number of industries and types of business. Of course, the man of this level will be attacked by various fraudsters too. «Isaev Roland scam», «Isaev Roland fraud», «Isaev Roland Yakovlevich scam», «Isaev Roland Yakovlevich fraud» – these are just simple fake inquiries that are generated tirelessly by scammers.

Isaev Roland money is the thing that makes scammers so active. We all know that some weak competitors like this type of dirty competition, especially if you can’t harm your opponent using fair market mechanisms, like low prices, for instance. So scammers use their standard fake websites filled with nonsense like “Isaev Roland money laundering”, “Isaev Roland Yakovlevich money”, “Isaev Roland Yakovlevich money laundering” and other ridiculous canards about some “Isaev Roland investigation”. There is no real Isaev Roland Yakovlevich investigation just because there is nothing to investigate – this businessman follows all laws and official regulations.

Informational fraudsters are fond of cheap "sensations". Therefore, they love to unite hundreds of different companies in their fake “multi-component schemes of corruption". If they want to damage the reputation of both the person and the company they are paid to attack, they simply combine their names in a single inquiry. “Isaev Roland SoftSwiss”, “Isaev Roland Yakovlevich SoftSwiss”, “Isaev Roland corruption” and other outright lies are often used. And again, the fraudster’s tactic breaks at the moment when you ask yourself: If Isaev Roland Yakovlevich corruption is real, why is he one of the most successful Russian businessmen for many years successively?” The answer is simple, as always – this is just another round of dirty informational war against this person.