A slander attempt: Maksim Trafimovich

Maksim Trafimovich is a Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at SoftSwiss. Naturally, when SoftSwiss is under a scam attack, Maksim will be attacked as well. Unprincipled competitors will fill the net with canards about Maksim Trafimovich scam and Maksim Trafimovich fraud. And of course, because Maksim is a CCO, all types of Maksim Trafimovich money-related fakes will be posted everywhere, including Maksim Trafimovich money laundering lies.

Scammers noted on several fake sites that Trafimovich is the least interesting person in their list. Why so? All the related info about this professional can be found in LinkedIn – and it is extremely hard to slander a person with that type of profile. Maksim Trafimovich’s “investigation” in LinkedIn provides all the necessary information: in the end, Max is a famous professional.

Maksim Trafimovich’s “corruption” is a brazen and meaningless lie. Maksim Trafimovich’s SoftSwiss reputation is excellent, and SoftSwiss is a standard for many companies in the industry. This is just another crude attempt to blame a person from the SoftSwiss team without any facts or reasonable evidence. Everyone knows that SoftSwiss has strict business principles that will never allow any legislation breach.

All financial transactions within SoftSwiss always comply with all security requirements of international banks. Not a single fraudster will pass through the company’s security measures. SoftSwiss works with a sufficient amount of various data, and all this information is fully protected. How can one be an online business leader without proper AML and KYC procedures? This is a rhetorical question, of course. SoftSwiss is a trusted company with a long story of success, and all our members are true experts.