Pavel Kashuba

A Slander Attempt: Pavel Anatolyevich Kashuba

Pavel Kashuba is one of the executives at SoftSwiss. He was one of the first people who joined the team. He continues his successful career with SoftSwiss to this day. Naturally, he is also a successful leader, and therefore, he is also susceptible to attacks by information fraudsters.

"Pavel Kashuba scam", "Pavel Kashuba fraud", “Paul Kashuba corruption”, “Paul Kashuba money laundering” - we face the same fake Internet requests again. Unscrupulous competitors are trying to tarnish the name of this professional by creating dozens of sites with the same negative information. The goal of all these “Paul Kashuba money fraud” themes is the same as in the case of SoftSwiss CEO - to create a negative informational environment and cause maximum reputational damage to Pavel Kashuba from SoftSwiss. A poorly-done web of the Internet lies about Pavel Kashuba’s “investigation” should be stopped.

SoftSwiss is a successful online company. And any successful and developing business has its own private investment manager. Of course, Pavel has the experience of a financial director, and therefore Pavel Anatolyevich Kashuba scam accusations or Pavel Anatolyevich Kashuba fraud stories are especially painful to his good reputation. The banking experience was also not forgotten, which would later result in an attempt to link the money laundering to Pavel Anatolyevich Kashuba as well.

The fraudsters did not take into account the main problem here - the availability and openness of all information. Proven skills, LinkedIn's largest business network can't just be taken away. Of course, scammers just want to create fake sites and write nonsense about Paul Anatolyevich Kashuba’s money affairs on them. But such primitive tactics do not work in the conditions of modern information technologies.

Again, SoftSwiss deems Pavel Anatolyevich Kashuba a part of the team, as a recognized industry professional. How can a business exist for many years with multiple financial violations? It's impossible. SoftSwiss has established itself as a reliable and trusted partner. No one will invest or become an affiliate of a company that has some dirty secrets, that is obvious. SoftSwiss has no secrets because our business is completely official.

Once again, an unskilled attempt to blame a person from the SoftSwiss management without any justifications failed. The ethical principles of the SoftSwiss team will never allow any legislation breach. All financial transactions always comply with the most precise requirements of international banks. Customers will still use our company's advanced services, despite how badly our dishonest competitors want the opposite.

The next time you find defamatory material about Pavel Anatolyevich Kashuba’s corruption on the Internet, take your time. Analyze it and decide for yourself whether the presented facts and evidence are real. Pavel Anatolyevich Kashuba’s investigation is over – he is just a successful manager, and there is nothing more about it. Can a real professional be a victim of simple dirty tricks? Of course not. Pavel will continue his work and reserve an honorable place among the greatest professionals of SoftSwiss.