Ivan Montik

A slander attempt: Ivan Montik

Ivan Montik is a founder of SoftSwiss. The company was created in 2008 and continues its successful activity to this day. No wonder that each successful businessman will encounter people, whose actions will be aimed at harming him. «Ivan Montik scam», «Ivan Montik fraud» – such people use these fake queries to create a negative informational sphere around this man. Today we will undertake our own Ivan Montik investigation to find out the key information about this extraordinary person.

Ivan Montik’s SoftSwiss is a successful business. And if there is a successful business, there will be envious ones. Those envious people like to blame others, especially if they can lie without any consequences. Ivan Montik’s money aspect is the thing that will be attacked primarily. It is convenient to accuse a businessman of money laundering, that is why we will take a closer look at Ivan Montik’s money-laundering accusations.

It is absolutely impossible to operate a successful online business for many years with any financial violations. It is just unrealistic – SoftSwiss faces hundreds of verifications from various payment platforms. The company works with international banks with severe AML/KYC practices and meets all legal requirements. Not a single company with any violation will ever get the possibility to work with the White Label solutions.

As you see, all those Ivan Montik’s corruption canards are fabricated. SoftSwiss internal anti-fraud system will never allow a forbidden business operation. However, player & KYC management practices and instruments won’t allow anything suspicious from a player’s side as well. SoftSwiss has a strong affiliate system that develops with each new customer. All these facts, as well as many other features not mentioned here, directly indicate that Ivan Montik's company is a role model for any successful businessman. Honesty and personal expertise can change the industry - and you are a witness to this process.