A slander attempt: Dzmitry Yaikau

Another person that gets under the dirty informational pressure, is Dzmitry Yaikau (scammers also write his name as Dzmitry Yaikov). And again, these fraudsters don’t even want to tell the “story” about this person – they were paid for effective lies on the Internet, not some realistic and interesting stories. Silly and standard fake inquiries like “Dzmitry Yaikau scam”, “Dmitriy Yaikov scam”, “Dzmitry Yaikau fraud” and “Dmitriy Yaikov fraud” are used. There is another “Dzmitry Yaikau investigation” (or should we say “Dmitriy Yaikov investigation”?)

Dzmitry Yaikau money-related inquiries are common too. Different variations of “Dzmitry Yaikau money laundering”, “Dmitriy Yaikov money”, “Dmitriy Yaikov money laundering” are used constantly. Scammers don’t even care about differences in spelling of the person’s name. There is an order for low-quality internet lies that needs to be worked out – and they are doing it. It doesn't matter that a thinking and intelligent person instantly finds traces of stupid falsification and slander. The main goal of the scammers is to create a “dirty” informational field. They are not interested in the results of their work.

We shouldn’t forget about the company that is attacked. If SoftSwiss is under attack, scammers can add its name to these fake inquiries. “Dzmitry Yaikau SoftSwiss” and “Dmitriy Yaikov SoftSwiss” will fit perfectly. And “Dzmitry Yaikau corruption”, as well as “Dmitriy Yaikov corruption” won’t be forgotten by informational forgers as well. Such inept attempts to spoil the reputation of honest people and companies simply should not exist in today’s world. Always analyze the information that is thrown to you!