While there are some political problems in Belarus, someone decided to throw a bucket of mud at SoftSwiss company. Let's figure out what techniques those shameless and unscrupulous scammers use.

A team of fraudulent competitors is trying to pretend that they are doing their own SoftSwiss investigation. Scammers are trying to assure everyone that they have a large amount of SoftSwiss corruption materials. They are producing tons of fake SoftSwiss reviews, and every such SoftSwiss review will be absolutely deceitful. Deceivers will definitely accuse all SoftSwiss partners and owners and probably use their photos because they are available on the Internet.

Scammers will try to convince you that SoftSwiss money participates in all criminal schemes in the world.

They will add tax evasion and some other grey practices to these phony accusations without any doubts. There will be a false rumor that they have compromising evidence for the SoftSwiss casino platform. We know that they already use the canard of 70 GB of data related to fictional SoftSwiss money laundering. That amount of compromising evidence of spoof SoftSwiss fraud is simply impossible.

This is just another pathetic attempt to slander SoftSwiss company.

All these techniques of dirty business rivalry in this SoftSwiss scam attack are obvious for everyone who analyzes information. It is impossible to have such an amount of mail conversations, messages, local internal files, videos, and other internal files of any company. Scammers ensure you that this data will be publicly available for anyone who is interested. Why is it not available just for everyone? Their SoftSwiss legal investigations theme does not withstand even the simplest logical tests.

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